Free Delivery and Set-up!

We offer free delivery and set-up within a 50-mile radius of your dealer. No ground prep is necessary if site is no more than 3' out of level in any direction. Wooden leveling blocks will be provided free-of-charge to level your building provided your site is no more than 1' out of level in any direction (customer provided concrete blocks must be used if more than 1' out of level in any direction). All sites must be accessible to trucks, trailers, and set-up equipment, and RTO sites cannot require crossing adjacent properties for access.
All necessary permits(and/or legal requirements of any kind) regarding any aspect of purchasing or renting a Prairie Built barn are the sole responsibility of the customer, as well as all determinations regarding ground conditions and site suitability. We are not - nor are our affiliates - responsible for any above ground or underground damages which may result from a delivery attempt, nor are we  responsible for removing obstacles(such as fences tree limbs, etc.).
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Prairie Built Barns