Our 6-year Front-to-Back Warranty

Prairie Built Barns warrants to the purchaser that upon delivery its products are free of defects with respect to both craftsmanship and materials, and that Prairie Built Barns will repair or replace any component that does not provide reasonable service under normal use for a period of six (6) years from the date of purchase of a new barn, or six (6) years from the Serial Number date of a pre-owned and/or discounted barn.

(*Certain limitations may apply - see details below)

Certain actions can and will void this Warranty which include, but are not limited to, alterations or modifications of any kind such as adding ramps, steps, ladders, decks, electrical wiring, or other modifications that have been installed by the customer and/or another party.
Prairie Built Barn products may include materials, accessories, or parts that a supplier or manufacturer of those materials, accessories, or parts may offer warranties for. Prairie Built Barns makes no warranties whatsoever with respect to materials, accessories, or parts incorporated into any storage building whereby the supplier or manufacturer of those materials, accessories, or parts have warranties on such materials, accessories, or parts which exceed the warranty set forth above. Prairie Built Barns assumes no liability for said materials, accessories, or parts, and the purchaser of the barn must assert any claim under such warranties against any such supplier or manufacturer. At the sole discretion of Prairie Built Barns, Prairie Built Barns may decide to include under its Warranty the materials, accessories or parts from other manufacturers described herein.
All Warranty Coverage shall be determined by Prairie Built Barns after its own examination and upon its own satisfaction that any warranty claim merits Warranty Coverage. Once all warranty covered repairs are completed, the completion shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities and obligations of Prairie Built Barns under this Warranty.


Our Limited Life-Time Warranty covers all pressure-treated materials with respect to termite damage and fungal decay. All other Warranty Limitations contained above and herein remain in effect.

Certain Restrictions May Apply

This Warranty  DOES NOT  Cover:

Normal wear or aging of any kind for any Prairie Built Barns product, or any component of a Prairie Built Barns product, which may include, but is not limited to, cosmetic changes in the appearance of wood, metal, paint, stain, sealant, glass, or other products which are not structural in nature.

Damage caused by any misuse, alteration, neglect, improper maintenance, or abuse not specifically described above or herein, nor does this Warranty cover lost or missing keys.

Damage caused by earthquakes, earth movements, acts of God (or other natural events), rain, snow, snow loads, hail, freezing, wind (regardless of whether the barn has a wind-load package), fire, water, flood (or any other weather-related event), accident, theft, vandalism, or any other such casualty which is customarily covered by Homeowners’ Insurance. In addition, this Warranty does not cover any costs or damages related to mold or mildew.

Water sealants, nor damages that may result from the failure of a water sealant to prevent moisture-related damage. (Our water sealants can last up to two (2) years under normal conditions, but the duration of the effectiveness of water sealants is sometimes lessened due to various factors which may include, but are not limited to, exposure to sunlight, salt water, or extended wet conditions.)

Certain flooring conditions, such as gaps in the seams of our treated CDX-grade flooring (which sometimes result from the normal treatment process), knotting, or other appearance-related issues.

Floor damage that has resulted from exceeding floor load limitations.

Broken windows or glass not reported at the time of the initial delivery and setup.

Leveling issues resulting from ground site conditions. (When Prairie Built Barns’ products are “out-of-level”, or become “out-of-level”, Prairie Built Barns reserves the right to determine if such a circumstance has resulted from ground site conditions. Prairie Built Barns makes no Warranty, nor accepts any responsibility, for ground site conditions which may cause a structure to not be level. Furthermore, other circumstances which may arise from a structure being out-of-level (such as sticking or dragging doors, sticking windows, or problems with other components which are not otherwise defective) are not covered under this Warranty, nor is the cost of any trip (or trips) made to re-level a barn that is out-of-level due to ground site conditions.

Damages or costs of any kind to (or associated with) the barn’s contents (regardless of value), nor does it cover any other personal property. In no circumstance does this Warranty cover any loss of income or revenue (whether commercial or otherwise), nor does it cover any loss or damage which may result from loss of use. Furthermore, UNLESS PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW, ANY AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, and the sole warranty provided is the express limited warranty herein stated.

Prairie Built Barns is expressly not liable and accepts no responsibility in the event any of its products do not meet “expectations” that are not specifically related to defects in craftsmanship or materials.


This Warranty is limited with respect to Pre-Owned and/or Discounted Buildings*, and specifically does not cover cosmetic changes or imperfections with respect to Pre-Owned and/or Discounted Buildings*, or any other issue with respect to Pre-Owned and/or Discounted buildings (such as aging or damages) that was, or may have been, the reason for any discounted pricing*.

However, Prairie Built Barns may sometimes warranty a Pre-Owned and/or Discounted Building for a period of up to six (6) years from the Serial Number date for the following:

(1) Roof leaks, provided the leak is not caused by a nullifying exclusion expressed in this warranty, or is the reason for a discounted price.

(2) Any material or craftsmanship issues, which in Prairie Built Barn’s sole discretion are deemed to be unsound, but were not a reason for any discounted pricing.

*Discounted buildings are defined as any building, new or used, that was sold for less than what Prairie Built Barn’s current retail pricing was at the time of sale.

(Pre-Owned barns and/or Discounted Barns are sometimes sold ‘as is’, and some warranties may not apply, in part or in whole.)