Elevate Your Backyard with a Stunning Garden Shed

Are you a gardening enthusiast? Do you take immense joy in maintaining your lawn, flower beds, and overall landscaping? If that sounds like you, then you probably have a ton of gardening tools, plus your mower, edger, string trimmer, leaf blower, and more to store! Garden sheds from Prairie Built Barns in the Midwest will not only offer enough room for all these items but will also enhance the beauty of your property. It's a gardener's dream come true!

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Ordering A Backyard Storage Shed? Here's What You Can Expect

Our garden sheds mirror our utility sheds but feature the door(s) on the elongated side. Add this aesthetic difference along with some standard features, and you have the ideal backyard storage solution.

A Single Wooden Door with One 2'x3' Window

One door and one window is the standard setup for all 10’-long garden sheds.

Select Your Preferred Door & Window Configurations for 12' Garden Sheds

When you order a 12’-long garden shed, you have the option to choose between a single wooden door with two 2'x3' windows or double wooden doors with one 2'x3' window.

Double Wooden Doors and Two 2'x3' Windows

For all 14' garden sheds, double wooden doors and two 2'x3' windows come standard.


Personalize Your Garden Shed

You cherish your property—it's unique in every way. You've personally crafted every detail—from the types of shrubs you've planted to the additional features you've added. So, why settle for an ordinary wooden garden shed that's identical to your neighbor's or one that's not designed with you in mind?

When you team up with Prairie Built Sheds to upgrade your gardening haven, you have the liberty to choose the interior and exterior features that make your garden shed uniquely yours.

Steel-Clad Door

4-Light Door

5-Light Door

9-Light Door

11-Light Door

Single Door

6' or 7' Double Door

6' or 7' Double Transfrom Door

Working Loft Door

Why Delay Your Garden Shed When You Can Rent to Own?

Do overflowing flower pots, garden tools, sacks of mulch, fertilizer, and potting soil sound familiar? Don't worry. You're not overloaded with items. You're just short on storage space. A garden shed is exactly what you need for your backyard—and you need it ASAP.

But how are you going to pay for it? Credit card interest can be daunting. You don't have enough savings. And applying for a loan might hurt your credit score.

Does that mean you have to wait for your garden shed? Not anymore!

Prairie Built Barns offers a rent-to-own program that might be your perfect solution. No credit check is needed, you'll receive your wooden garden shed immediately, and your credit score remains untouched—even if you return it before completing all your payments.

In 36, 48, or 60 months (you choose), you will be the owner of your garden shed!

Combine this exciting package with our no-money-down and 90-day-same-as-cash options, and you'll discover that Prairie Built Barns has multiple ways to help you acquire the garden shed you desire without having to wait. Get in touch with your local dealer today for more information.

Your Backyard Storage Shed, Manufactured Right Here in the Midwest

What do you expect from the company that manufactures your garden shed? Would you want all workers to uphold the values of Integrity, Work Ethic, Honesty, and Quality? So you can trust in the product you receive?

If this aligns with your expectations, you ought to know that Prairie Built Barns' team constructs every shed with these core values at heart. This way of operating guarantees you'll get these sought-after aspects standard with every purchase:

  • No Short Cuts, Ever
  • High-Quality Siding
  • Superior-Quality Coatings
  • Engineer-Approved Elements
  • A Fair Price

Does that sound like your ideal garden shed? If that's a yes, reach out to your local dealer to explore all the possibilities.

Discover More Than Just Garden Sheds at Prairie Built Barns

Are you contemplating a garden shed but are unsure if it's the right fit for you? Or do you need even more storage than a garden shed provides? Prairie Built Barns also offers the following structures:

Also Available: Outdoor Structures by Prairie Built Barns

Maybe you need more than a shed. Perhaps you need a cabana, animal shelter, or something else. Check out all of our outdoor structure options!

Choose From Ready Stock or Design Your Own Backyard Storage Shed Online

Are you in a hurry to get a garden shed? We recommend finding your local dealer and checking out their in-stock inventory. If you prefer to design your garden shed, you have the option to do so online from your own home. Let's explore how Prairie Built Barns can assist you.

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If you're in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio, there's a Prairie Built Barns dealership close to you:

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Stop in or call to see what your local dealer has in stock. Your brand-new garden shed is just around the corner.

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