Find an Outdoor Utility Shed that Meets All Your Storage Needs

If you're looking to enhance storage capacity while elevating your outdoor aesthetics—with the flexibility to pick from a diverse variety of interior and exterior options—think about an outdoor utility shed from Prairie Built Barns. Swing by any of our dealerships across the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, to see how you can improve your home, business, or rental property with a large or small utility shed that strikes a balance between functionality and appeal. Alternatively, design your custom shed online!

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Enjoy These Desirable Features with Every Outdoor Utility Shed from Prairie Built Barns

What standard features come with your new outdoor utility shed? Here's what each size has to offer:

92" Wall Height & 7' Tall Double Wood Doors

Every 10'x16' or larger utility shed gives you extra height and plenty of space—each with a 70" wide opening for easy load-in and load-out of bulky items.

75" Wall Height & 6' Tall Double Wood Doors

Every 10'x14' or smaller utility shed comes with a 70" wide opening and includes 75" tall walls and 6' tall double wood doors.

Single 6' Tall Wood Door

Our smallest shed is 8 feet wide and comes with a single door and a 46" opening—perfect when you only need a bit of extra storage space.

Diamond-Plate Threshold

Your threshold needs to withstand heavy foot traffic. The standard diamond-plated threshold helps protect the underlying wood from excessive wear and tear.


Handpick Your Preferred Outdoor Storage Unit Features

Have you been hesitant to purchase a utility shed because you feel they’ve been designed to meet other people’s needs? Perhaps it’s time to rethink! Browse through the customizable options you can use to tailor your shed for delivery in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Steel-Clad Door

4-Light Door

5-Light Door

9-Light Door

11-Light Door

Single Door

6' or 7' Double Door

6' or 7' Double Transfrom Door

Working Loft Door

Begin Reaping the Benefits of Your Outside Utility Shed Sooner with Our Rent-to-Own Option

Have you ever considered how nice it could be to own a small utility shed? How wonderful it would be to finally park your cars in the garage again—because all your stuff is safely tucked away in a spacious utility shed in the backyard?

Maybe you've been longing for a clutter-free garage with ample room to maneuver or a yard that's a breeze to mow because all your items are neatly arranged in a shed. But the cost of a shed is holding you back. You don't want to apply for a loan. So, you've resolved to put it off until you have the necessary funds.

Why reserve money to buy a shed only to realize that the prices have skyrocketed when you finally have the required amount? You have the option to rent a shed today until you finally own it. At Prairie Built Barns, we don't run credit checks, and we provide 36-month, 48-month, and 60-month plans.

It's not mandatory to keep the shed for the entire duration. If financial constraints, relocation, or any other reason compels you to return it, you can do so without any negative consequences to your credit rating.

Learn more about our Rent-to-Own program, 90-day-same-as-cash options, and zero-down payment alternatives. You're bound to find a solution that fits your circumstances, budget, and storage requirements.

Crafting Utility Sheds in the Midwest, for the Midwest, Since 2002

Imagine owning an outdoor utility shed constructed by skilled workers who firmly believe in the guiding principles of Honesty, Integrity, Work Ethic, and Quality. Would that instill a sense of trust in your investment and reassure you that your utility shed will surpass and outlive the offerings of other shed manufacturers?

This is why our customers choose Prairie Built Barns. They understand the level of commitment and quality we offer:

  • No Short Cuts
  • Deluxe Siding Choices
  • Durable, High-Caliber Paints and Urethane Coatings
  • Engineer-Certified Components
  • A Superior Product at a Reasonable Cost

We are confident you'll appreciate these advantages, among others, when you own a utility shed from Prairie Built Barns. Check out the catalog or reach out to your local dealer for pricing and product data.

Discover More Than Just Standard Utility Sheds at Prairie Built Barns

In search of a shed with a unique style? Or one that’s more aligned with your requirements? Check out the extensive array of shed alternatives available at Prairie Built Barns.

Discover Versatile Outdoor Structures from Prairie Built Barns in the Midwest

In search of a different kind of outdoor structure? We have you covered!

Purchase From Your Local Vendor's Inventory or Design Your Utility Shed Online

Do you enjoy the luxury of browsing all choices and designing your shed online, right from your home? Or do you prefer viewing sheds directly? Whichever you choose, Prairie Built Barns facilitates both. Get in touch with your local vendor to look through their available inventory, or initiate your design process at this very moment.

Locate a Prairie Built Barns Dealer Close to You

Are you residing in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio? You're sure to find a Prairie Built Barns dealership in your vicinity.

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  • Harrisburg, IL
  • Mattoon, IL
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  • Martinsville, IN
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  • Newburgh, IN
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  • Richmond, IN
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  • Vincennes, IN
  • Warsaw, IN
  • Adrian, MI
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  • Jackson, MI
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  • Potterville, MI
  • Sturgis, MI
  • Antwerp, OH
  • Celina, OH
  • Defiance, OH
  • Greenville, OH
  • Lima, OH
  • Melrose, OH
  • Montpelier, OH
  • Ridgeville Corners, OH
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  • Oxford, OH

Visit or reach out to your nearest Prairie Built Barns outdoor utility shed dealer today. Alternatively, start designing your dream utility shed online!

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